Publications and Conference

Here are some of the ecosystem efforts that Vincent Courson has been involved in:


LIVRE BLANC – Modération des contenus illicites en ligne – opérations et protection des professionnels : contenus terroristes et d’exploitation sexuelle de mineurs

2023 – Point de ContactPDF – 🇫🇷

Pilotage du comité de mise à jour du Livre Blanc de l’association Point de Contact. Dans ce cadre, gestion de la communication et de la timeline, et animation des réunions du groupe de travail composé d’une quinzaine de professionnels, experts du domaine de la modération des contenus en ligne, venus de l’industrie, de la société civile, des forces de l’ordre, et du domaine médical.

Conferences & Talks

PANEL – The Ins and Outs of Industry Collaboration: Secrets, Safety and Success

2023 – Marketplace Risk Global Summit – London, UK – 🇬🇧

Participated in a panel on how industry can better collaborate with one another in the Trust & Safety space. Covered the maturation of the industry, the existing avenues for collaboration (not reinventing the wheels), and the necessity to work through trusted third parties.

PANEL – Time to care about the Trust & Safety professionals : the new best practices

2023 – Trust & Safety Forum – Lille, France – 🇬🇧

Discussed the state of the Content Moderator wellness field: what are the newest technical, managerial, and resilience best practices, and who is responsible for making sure content moderators are protected. Discussed industry standards and possible regulatory input.

TALK – Opening remarks for Google at the inaugural TrustCon event

2022 – Trust & Safety Professional Association – San Francisco, USA – 🇬🇧

How did the domain of Trust & Safety evolve over the last 10 years? Who are the professionals who define it? What general direction is the industry headed for, in a time when more and more people are discovering about its existence. Event report (in French).